About Us

Dedicated to Providing You With Healthy Ornamental Fish

At Angels Hatchery, our goal is to exceed your expectations, which is why we ensure the quality of all the products we offer. We are licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and we strictly adhere to best management practices outlined by the aquaculture division of the state of Florida.

Our continued commitment to the highest standards of fish health practices has given us a reputation for providing the finest imported Japanese koi and the highest-quality pond products. We also grow all of our African lake cichlids at our facility, including fish from Lakes Malawi, Tanganyika, and Victoria. Aside from these, we offer rare show-size fish in many varieties.

A bunch of large koi in a spacious pond


We stock over 1,000 koi for sale at all times in addition to more than 100 jumbo koi sized 26 inches and up. To ensure that our fish are healthy all year, we keep them in spring-fed ponds and adhere to high standards of water quality. Additionally, our aquaculture facilities consist of 2 main greenhouses with 88 concrete ponds that recirculate more than 1,000,000 gallons of water.

Our well-earned 50 year reputation is evident in our commitment, experience and professionalism. The showroom, warehouse facilities, pond supply building, hatchery, and packing areas were all designed to keep our fish healthy and our customers happy.

Memberships and Community Involvement

Angels Hatchery is a founder and current member of the Ornamental Aquaculture Association of South Florida, Inc.

We provide consultation services on local, state, and federal government aquaculture issues.

Our company is a recognized member of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

Angels Hatchery is listed on the International Registry of Fish Specialists in Zurich, Switzerland and Rome, Italy.

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