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Angels Hatchery in Homestead, FL is the leader supplying Japanese Koi and African Cichlids. We also offer tortoises as well as an extensive selection of pond products.

Products and Services


Koi and Cichlids

A bunch of pond koi waiting for food

Angels Hatchery carries a wide variety of fancy Japanese Koi and African Lake Cichlids. Current availability includes over 1,000 Japanese Koi ranging from 4" to 26". Also, we have thousands of African Lake Cichlids in stock.


Close-up view of a big tortoise
Angels Hatchery has been a producer of rare tortoises for the past three decades. Currently, we produce the rare and beautiful Albino Sulcata (African Spurthigh), the regular African Sulcata Spurthigh tortoises, South American Red Foots, Cherryhead Red Foots and Hermann tortoises.

Water Lilies and Pond Plants

Big purple water lily on pads

Angels Hatchery offers various water plants including Water Lilies, Leather Fern, Red Mangroves and a variety of Papyrus. 

What We Offer

Since 1972, we have stocked lakes, ponds, and aquariums  including Fairchild Gardens and Miami Metro Zoo with the highest quality domestic and imported ornamental fish. We also carry a full line of pond pumps, filters, ultraviolet sterilizers and aerators.

Offering an Extensive Selection of Koi and Cichlids

Fish We Carry

Fancy Japanese Koi

African Lake Cichlids


Electric Blue (Haplochromis)

Zebras (Reds, Venustus, Red Empress)

Julidochromis ornatus

Exochochromis anagenys

Red Top Trewavasae

Aulonocara nyassae “Peacock”

Cyphotilapia frontosa Kipili Blue

Tropheus moorii – “Mpulungu” or “Pineapple Sunspot”

Haplochromis Moorii – "The Blue Dolphin"

Yellow Labidochromis – "Yellow Lab"

Dwarf Blue Zebra Demasoni

  • Zoo Miami

  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

  • Why Choose Us

    Angels Hatchery has been in business for nearly 50 years! You can trust that we have the knowledge to grow our animals following the highest standards. Our team works diligently to ensure fish health management and tortoise care, overseen by world class veterinarians.

  • Areas We Serve

    We are located in Homestead, Florida, serving south Florida. We also offer our products to customers all throughout the United States of America, as well as, internationally.