Products and Services

Products and Services

In addition to championship and show-quality Koi we carry a full line of Tetra pond products, Hikari foods, and other accessories.

Call 305-248-7777 with any questions. We provide pond service on a case by case basis. We also have list of qualified vendors based on our years of experience.

Pond Pumps

  • Tetra 3600 Debris Handling Pump DH Series
  • Tetra 4200 Debris Handling Pump DH Series
  • Sequence 1/2 HP
  • Pro Performance 3/4, 1 HP and all others
  • Call for details

Pond Filters & Media

  • Aqua Ultraviolet (2,000 gallon to 60,000 gallon models)
  • Supreme submersible filters
  • Call for details

Pond Water Treatment

  • Tetra - Aqua Safe
  • Tetra - Water Clarifier
  • Tetra - Algae Control
  • Tetra - Barley & Peat Extract
  • Tetra - Lily Gro Tabs
  • Tetra - Pond Block Algaecide
  • Kordon - Concentrated Fish Protector
  • Hikari - Ich-X
  • Hikari - Pond Ultimate
  • and for details

Hikari Fish Foods - Only The Best
Foods available in other varieties and sizes.

Hikari Staple Mini pellets  22 lbs. 
Hikari Staple medium pellets  22 lbs. 
Hikari Staple large pellets  22 lbs. 
Hikari Excel medium pellets  11 lbs. 
Hikari Gold large pellets  11 lbs. 
Hikari Spirulina large pellets  11 lbs. 

Additional Products

  • Koi Pond Nets
  • Aeration Stones & Pumps - All Sizes Available In Piston or Diaphragm
  • Tubing for pond pumps
  • Filter Media
  • Water Testing Kits
  • Salt Meters (Salinometers)
  • Books on pond keeping and koi


Aeration pumps and accessories for air systems
Aeration supplies for ponds from 2,000 gallons to 50,000 gallons and above.
All sizes of professional air pumps, and air stones, as well as, the most durable air
tubing on the market.