October’s Pond of the Month

October’s Pond of the Month is a wonderful execution of an above ground pond, complete with aeration system, water plants, and UV bio filtration – not to mention wonderful koi and African Cichlids.

“It’s really cool because when you stand at the edge and look into the water, it is actually deeper than you would suspect because the floor of the pond is about a foot below the level where you stand.” The pond is gunite structure, tiled in coquina tiles with a small ribbon of glass tiles near the top edge.

– 7 Koi
– 3 Plecostomus
– Cichlids

Plant Life:
– Tropical Water Lily
– Dwarf Papyrus

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OGATA Japanese Koi – Now For Sale

These fancy Japanese Koi are available for $300 from 8″-10″. OGATA is one of Japan’s top Koi breeders.
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Also new this month:Assorted fancy medium OscarsLong-finned baby OscarsSmall Gold Tinfoil BarbsThe seldom seen Asian Upside-Down catfishThe African Synodontus catfish


Angels Hatchery has always provided free diagnostic services for our customers’ pond water and sick fish. Although we do not claim to be veterinarians, we have 38 years of experience and are always willing to help when needed. For all pond products and services, please give us a call at 305-248-7777.

ELECTRIC BLUE – African Cichlids

The color and beauty of African Lake Cichlids such as the “Electric Blue” are known for their spectacular coloring. They are perfect for large and small ponds as their vibrant and iridescent color adds a subtle touch of color or a burst depending on your desired effect. The males are bright electric blue and the females are a deep gray. The Electric Blue have a symbiotic relationship with Koi by ridding the pond of macroparasites (fish lice and anchor worms). These parasites are extremely harmful to Koi.
Featured African Cichlids


Hikari FoodsFeeding your fish the best foods helps them to properly digest and assimilate the appropriate nutrients rather than just passing the food product through their system. Hikari foods are a great diet to eliminate nutrition-related scoliosis. In addition, other fish foods with ingredients which are not properly used by your Koi will cause problems with algae production and filtration requirements.

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