Get Ready For The Cold

Koi and Africa Lake Fish are among the hardiest of all freshwater fish. Along with Plecostomus catfish, these fish will survive, thrive and often produce in most garden ponds.

As in any garden, support in the way of preventative and enhancement treatments are necessary.

Just as gardens produce mold and parasites, ponds can contain parasites and fungus. In either case, these potential troublemakers are kept in check by the use of safe and effective pond water and pond fish treatments.

Preventative treatments should be used twice a year, we suggest during the change of seasons at Spring and Fall.

Now is a good time to knock back ever-present parasites with a fish-safe additive, while always supplying a copious amount of aireation. An aireation pump supplying surface air to the bottom of the pond is the most effective way to raise dissolved oxygen in your pond. Waterfalls and spillways have a minimal effect in south Florida and should not be relied upon solely for your pond and fish oxygen needs. Dissolved oxygen is a measurable science and a basic need to sustain and enhance fish life.

Pond water should be supported monthly by using fish health enhancement products. Live bacteria helps stabilize water quality from nitrite and ammonia spikes while stabilizing Ph. Water testing for PH, ammonia and nitrites should be done on a monthly basis.

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