New Chihuly Exhibition Opens December 6 at Fairchild Botanic Garden

In December 2012 Angels Hatchery supplied a colorful group of African Lake Cichlids (reef fish) to Fairchild Botanic Garden. The centerpiece of the pond is a magnificently-colored Chihuly End of Day Tower glass sculpture. At the time, we took special care to provide some of our highly colored fish to mimic the colors of the Chihuly glass. This outstanding exhibition has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors. It is located in the Tropical Plant Conservatory and Rare Plant House area near the butterfly exhibit. This is a “must-see” in Fairchild’s collection of natural arts.

We’re happy to announce that on December 6 renowned American artist Dale Chihuly will return to Fairchild Garden to unveil his most comprehensive garden exhibition to date. Don’t miss seeing this new exhibition, which runs from December 6 through May 31, 2015.

New Arrivals!

Beautiful baby Japanese Koi. Many varieties including BLUE SHUSUI. These Koi will be out of quarantine on November 22, 2014.

Cold Weather Concerns For Your Pond

Cold weather necessitates the need for diligence in maintaining your water temperatures. Although Koi are temperate water fish and can handle colder weather, their “pondmates” may not. These fish that require warmer water are the algae-eaters, Duboisi and Plecostomus and the cichlids used to control frogs and mosquito larvae. When well water is available, some ponds may only need to add additional water to keep the temperature of the water above 65 degrees. Other ponds that rely on city water should have a heat source – namely, a drop-in heater for the coldest nights, or an in-line spa or pool heater. With a bit of precaution, you can avoid disease and mortalities due to the cold with winter.

Prevention And Enhancements

Disease prevention in your pond is as necessary as disease protection for your garden. We encourage you to provide treatment twice a year to combat (ever present) single-celled parasites. These little devils can be kept in check with a bi-yearly treatment of parasiticides and fish enhancements.

It is also highly recommended to use a fish health enhancement, as well as a pond water enhancement, on a monthly basis.

These measures, along with a high quality food, will eliminate the greater majority of pond water and fish-related threats.

The entire crew at Angels Hatchery wishes a very Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season to all!

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