Hurricane Preparation for your pond and fish

Hurricane season started June 1st. This is the time to re-check your “before and “after” list so your pond and fish will be prepared. Download our Hurricane Pond & Fish Preparation Checklist (PDF).

Aeration – A Summer Necessity
The natural oxygen levels in ponds are lower now than in the cooler seasons. The warmer the water is, the more increased the need for good oxygen support. The oxygen level of your pond should be considered when measuring the health of your pond. Excellent oxygen levels reduce stress and disease episodes with fish while decreasing algae and supporting the good (aerobic) bacteria; thereby working against the anaerobic (bad) bacteria which attack fish. Although fountains, waterfalls and spillways can be aesthetically pleasing, these should not be relied upon to support a good, continuous overall dissolved oxygen level.

An aerator should be part of your current pond system as well as your backup system, should your filter fail. Your pond fish can go without food and filtration for several days, however, if the oxygen level gets too low (especially during hot days), they will suffocate.

It is less costly to put a good aeration system on your pond then it is to call an expensive “fish doctor” to find the source of your pond’s problem is low oxygen. Aeration also “bubbles away” water quality problems caused by ammonia or other forms of nitrogen. The natural ammonia and nitrogen cycles might best be explained by the “Rule of 80.” When your water temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and your pH is 8.0 or higher your pond fish become adversely affected at the slightest level of ammonia. Make sure you look into aeration systems which can include tubing, pump and stone for under $300.00, with electricity usage.

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Aeration systems come in all sizes and price ranges. Long term they are great for the overall health of your fish and pond and battery operated version can prove invaluable during a power outage or after a storm. While there are lots of options on the market we carry only those which we have used and experienced reliability.

Call 305-248-7777 to discuss areation options.

Test Kits

A good test kit is a must have for any pond owner. It becomes even more important after a storm for determining what is going on with our pond water in a possibly time sensitive situation.
Laborett testing kit – $29.00 +tax

Water Treatments

pH Buffer – $20.00 +tax (treats 5,000 gallons)

Aqua Safe 16.9oz – $15.00 +tax (treats 2,500 gallons)
16 oz. Pond Amquel Plus – $20.00 +tax (treats, 2,400 gallons)
1 gallon Pond Amquel Plus – $89.00 +tax (treats 19,200 gallons)

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