Filtration & Aeration

Filtration and aeration are the life support systems for your pond. More important than the physical pond is movement of air and water. An excellent life support system makes a small pond big.

Filtration systems vary from simple submersible filter pumps to top-of-the-line combination systems which filter biologically, mechanically and chemically. In the 70’s, undergravel filters and sand filters were commonly used. In the 80’s, this technology was replaced with bio-balls, bio-wheels and filtration brushes. In the 90’s, bio-mechanical filtration took the lead, shattering former technologies.

While filter pads, activated carbon and zeolite do an adequate job for some ponds, the bio-mechanical filter reduces maintenance of the pond filter for the pondkeeper. For this reason, these filters, though more costly than others, have become the filtration of choice.

Plan on overfiltration. It is impossible for your water to be too clean.

Aeration is extremely important to the quality of water and the health of your fish. Koi will tolerate a dirty pond for awhile. However, you can lose your Koi if they are deprived of adequate aeration. Waterfalls and spillways fall short of effectively raising dissolved oxygen and are more for aesthetics. Air pumps raise the oxygen content of water most effectively. Where water quality is concerned, underestimating either filtration or aeration will prove to be costly.

The more fish you put in your pond; the more you should consider top-of-the-line filtration and aeration equipment. Proper filtration should remove particles from the water, reduce solid matter and ammonia. A good culture of live bacteria is invaluable to keeping your fish healthy.

A high level of oxygen supplied through good aeration will reduce the stress on aquatic life, thereby, making the fish more disease-resistant. Aeration also reduces algae.

In short, overadequate filtration and good aeration are paramount to the success of your pond. Along with the bio-mechanical filter, the U.V. Sterilizer is a great help. An ultra-violet sterilizer is a safe/cost-effective
way to control pea-soup green-colored water while eliminating bacteria and parasites.


While supplies last. 12″ – 14″ Black and Orange Halloween Koi. What a treat for your pond!

Imported Tri-Colors 12″ – 14″ The Tri-Colors.

Zambian Blue Frontosa – Angles Hatchery Leading The Way

These regal yet docile fish are an outstanding choice for both ponds and aquariums. The Frontosa has a large domed forehead or frontal lobe containing a mechanism for its unusual navigational ability. This fish can find food in total darkness by using its dolphin-like sonar system.

There are over twenty varieties of Frontosa known but few compare with the beauty of the Zambian Blue! First shipped out of Africa around 1994, Angels Hatchery was fortunate to receive some of the first new arrivals and even more fortunate to have them reproduce. In 1998 Angels Hatchery was written up in Pet Age magazine as the first known producer of the Zambian Blue Frontosa.

Tetra’s Clear Choice bio-mechanical Filter + UV Clarifier

These are gravity return filters and are compatible with pumps up to 1,000 gallons per hour and ponds up to 1,000 gallons in volume.

Submersible Pump

This 950 gallon submersible Pondmaster pump which is compatible to the filter and UV mentioned above.

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