NEW – Japanese Koi Just In (Hand Selected In Japan) –

Open To Public Dec. 15th Call 305-248-7777 today.

Japanese Show Koi from three of Japan’s top breeders
These Koi were specifically selected in Japan for Angels Hatchery.
They range in size from 6” – 15”.
Prices start at $275.00.
Don’t miss your opportunity to select from the best.

Pond of the month
This beautifully-tiled formal pond was built entirely by the owners. Steve and Carol have done a very artistic job, complete with spillway waterfall and lilies.
The attention given to the details is outstanding in finishing this beautiful water feature. A Tetra Pond pump and filter were used to help maintain water quality.
Along with the ‘Aussie Blue’ variegated-leafed lily, this pond is also home to a school of fancy goldfish.

GIFT CERTIFICATES – A Great Stocking Stuffer
Gift certificates are available during the holiday season and throughout the year. These certificates can be used for fish, equipment, food and supplies. Call 305-248-7777 today.

Winter Water Temperature – Be Prepared
All fish have parasites! When your fish are stressed for any number of reasons, they break down due to parasite proliferation. Ich, Tricodina, Costia and Chilodenella are four gill-invasive parasites common to south Florida. A spring and a fall/winter maintenance program of paraciticide and electrolytes is highly recommended to help control parasite numbers and overall fish breakdown. As always, Angels Hatchery has all of the necessary preventative and curative parasite treatments.

It is necessary to protect tropical fish, i.e. Cichlids and Plecostomus from extreme cold events. If you have a well, you can run well water on the coldest nights to protect your fish. If you have no access to well water, your pond will require a heater. Larger ponds can use a spa-type heater, and for smaller ponds we stock emergency-type drop-in heat elements. The small heater shown will work for a 700 gallon pond.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL – Algae Eating Fish & Jumbo Koi

Medium size African Duboisi

Medium size Sailfin Plecostomus

Jumbo Koi 20″-24″

Available now. Call 305-248-7777.

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